Ready to try this God's way?
You CAN lose weight & keep it off.

All it takes is the right strategy plus love, support and the power of God!

And that's exactly what's waiting for you when you say YES to The 90-Day Renewal for Spirit, Soul & Body. 
How would you like to just flat out 
Look Better, Feel Better & Enjoy Your Life More?
Let Me Guess What You’re Thinking
By any chance, are you thinking, “Sure, Donna. That’s what they all say! Every diet I’ve ever wasted money on promised to solve all my problems with some magic lotion, potion or pill. Isn’t The 90-Day Renewal the same?"

Actually, The 90-Day Renewal is exactly the opposite of that!   

I’m not promising you a quick fix. I’m inviting you into a family. I’m inviting you into a deeper relationship with God, and a greater appreciation for the extraordinary way He designed your body to heal and restore itself. 

This is goodbye forever to yo-yo dieting and the quick-fix mindset.  
Welcome to
The 90-Day Renewal
Here’s What You Get
  • ​13 Weekly Webinars to keep you focused and on track 
  •  90 Daily teaching videos with practical tips on spirit, soul and body 
  •  13 audios on topics like Overcoming Self-Sabotage, The Power of Fasting, the Connection               between Clutter & Weight Gain, How Your Health Affects Your Relationships, etc. 
  •  Private Facebook Group 
  •  Lots of Contest Ideas You Can Incorporate with a Local Group of Ladies
Total Value Of Course Content: $1,028
Plus All These Amazing Bonuses
  • ​Breakthrough anointing!!!
  •  Vision Board + Prophetic Prayer 
  •  Soaking Music 
  •  My 12 Best Teachings on Mp3 Audio 
  •  10 Ebooks featuring my best spiritual trainings 
  •  Custom Nutrition Plan 
  •  Amazing-Tasting Recipes 
  •  Doctor created and approved menus 
Total Value Of Bonus Content: $4,416
Total Value Over $5,444
Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes, after going through the 90 day plan, following the food guidelines, the exercise plans and participating in the 13 webinars, if you gave it the full effort and don't see any changes or difference, then just ask for 100% of your money back and I am happy to give you a refund. Please note, we've never had to give anyone a refund who fully participated in this program.
A message from my heart to yours!  Watch...then decide!
Say Yes to a New You!
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I only need to lose 10 pounds? Or no weight at all. Is this right for me?
Absolutely. Many women join the 90-Day Renewal to get healthy in spirit, soul and body, quite apart from weight loss. Healthy is more than a number on the scale, as you'll soon discover.
What if I have a LOT of weight to lose...and there's no way I can lose it in 90 days?
You are not alone. We have many women who have gone through the 90-Day Renewal three, four, five times and more. There are women around the world who go through it every year.

This is not a Diet. It's a LIVE-it. We will LIVE-it with you until you reach your goal. And then, you can be an inspiration to spur others on to reach their goals. That's what it's all about.
If this is a Christian program, why isn't it FREE?
Jesus said, "Where your TREASURE is, there your heart will also be."

I've found through more than a decade of experience with women all over the world, that when they make an investment of "treasure," they take the 90-Day Renewal more seriously and, as a result, their lives are transformed.

If you compare our pricing to other programs, you'll discover that there really IS no comparison! The 90-Day Renewal offers permanent lifestyle change and weight loss from the inside-out...all fueled by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

If you give it all you've got and are not completely satisfied, remember the 100% lifetime money back guarantee.
Do I really have access to all of this material for LIFE?
Absolutely! All of the videos, audios, recorded prayer calls, etc, are stored on a private members only website. And you have full access to everything for life. So you can take this class, over and over again, at your own pace, as many times as you like.
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