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Your Best Year Ever 
21 Days LIVE 
with Donna Partow
January 6 - 26
What if this really is YOUR year?

What if this is the year you finally close the gap between the life you were created to live...and the life you've been settling for?

No matter how successful you may appear to others, deep in your heart, you know you were born for more. 

More impact. More meaning. More joy and love. 
Isn't it time to close the gap?
It's Easy To Do.  It's Just Easier NOT to Do.
Let's be honest.  

You're a smart person.  So you probably have a pretty good idea of what you need to do to close that gap.  Chances are, you've made more than one attempt to turn your Resolutions into Reality.

But it hasn't worked.  The missing piece isn't information.  It's motivation and a solid fool-proof plan.  And of course, the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let's spend 21 Days together and Start Your Year Off Right.  Let's invite God into the center of it all & see what a difference that will make.
let's lock arms & make it happen for you
Here's How You'll Benefit:
  • LIVE Sessions Daily to Keep You Focused & Motivated 
  • ​Refine Your Vision & Chart Your Course.

  • ​Create a Weekly Reflection Process that propels you forward all year long.

  • ​Put the Greatest Management Principle in the World to Work for you. It’s easier than you think…and it’s FUN.

  • ​Identify those things that energize you…and those that drain you. Then create a plan to maximize your energy! 
  • ​Receive powerful revelation about The Secret to Unlocking God’s Provision

  • ​Learn & Grow in an environment steeped in the presence and power of God.  
  • ​Enjoy solid bible teaching combined with the latest research on The Science of Achievement & The Art of Fulfillment.

  • ​Walk away with a Proven System that WORKS and a plan you will stick with because you’ll create it yourself and make it FUN.


Together, we will work through the 7-Step System outlined in Make This Your Best Year Ever. The system is broken down into 21 very doable simple steps over 21 days. You can do this!


Powerful, practical and life-changing. All sessions feature video, slidedeck and mp3, so you can listen on-line or download.
No need to worry that you'll "miss" something -- you won't!


I'll be there with you every step of the way, to coach you through to success.  

My #1 gifting is prophetic prayer -- by that I mean the ability to accurately hear and boldly proclaim God's highest and best will for your life. Let me share that gift with you.


You will receive a comprehensive 105-page workbook that outlines every step in the process. You'll be able to take great notes and get the most out of every session. Research has proven that this extra step dramatically increases retention.  


You won't be alone. You'll travel with the most amazing group of Christians online! Our private Facebook Groups are unlike anything you have ever experienced before. You'll form friendships with people from around the world. People who will pray for you and cheer for you every step of the way.
Plus An Amazing Bonus
As an amazing bonus, you'll be given training on how to create a Vision Board that is authentic, effective and powerful.  (Most people do them all wrong!  I'll show you how to do it right!)  Then each day, during our LIVE sessions, I will select some of the Vision Boards to personally pray over, prophetically.  You will hear from God in a way that is powerful and compelling, providing the wind beneath your wings as you SOAR into 2020.
Yes, I Want To
Make 2020 My Best Year Ever!
Only $197 
Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
Absolutely!  If you fully participate in the program and really give it your all, but find that we don't deliver everything we promise, we will cheerfully refund your money.  
Donna this is PERFECT. I reached my weight loss goal. And I have been offered a grant to fund my C.H.A.N.G.E.  Youth ministry. 
-Tosca King
I wanted to “retire” from the corporate world and Pursue working with a non-profit that takes therapy Llams and Alpacas out into the community. Well, God has shown me great favor in honoring that desire of my heart! 
-Becky Hartsfield 
I did it! I completed my focused goal in 21 days . Woohoo

Credit card Debt freeeeee!!!
- Stacy Orosco
Now it's time to turn
Your Resolutions Into Results!
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I have a big goal and there's no way I can accomplish it in 21 Days?
Then this class is definitely for you.  The purpose of Make THIS Your Best Year Ever is to empower you to set goals and a solid game plan to achieve them in 2020.  You'll be amazed how much momentum you will build during our 21 days together.  And of course, you have lifetime access to the course materials so you can continue to reference them as you press forward.  

Plus, you can stay connected with me throughout the year including at live events around the world.
Do I really have access to all of this material for LIFE?
Absolutely! All of the course materials are stored on a private members-only website. And you have full access to everything for life. So you can take this class, over and over again, at your own pace, as many times as you like.
If this is a Christian program, why isn't it FREE?
Jesus said, "Where your TREASURE is, there your heart will also be."

I've found through decades of experience with women all over the world, that when they make an investment of "treasure," they take the class more seriously and, as a result, their lives are transformed.

If you compare our pricing to other programs, you'll discover that there really IS no comparison! One very popular program charges $197 for 5 videos you work through on your own.  You are getting 21 Days LIVE with me and a group of like-minded Christians to pray for you and cheer you on all the way.   Plus, all of our sessions are fueled by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

If you give it all you've got and are not completely satisfied, remember there's a 100% money-back guarantee.
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