Hear the Heart of God ...for YOU
Hear the Heart of God ...for YOU
Are You Ready for The Next Level?
Have You Been Feeling Sidelined?
It’s Time to Get Back in The Game.
God told me to raise up an army of Wise Well Women for His Kingdom.

Women of Influence who are ready to go into all the world, into every sphere of society, and take their place on the mountain top.

If you're a Baby Boomer or Gen X - and are in the season of life where you're ready to give back out of your decades of life experience, then I'm ready to lock arms with you. 
God says, “I’m going to do a NEW THING in your life.
In fact, you’ve only just begun and the best is yet to come.”
This is YOUR moment to step back up to the plate. This year.  

Your years of abundance and fruitfulness begins now. 

A season in which you will  finally see a harvest for all the seeds you’ve been diligently planting — in many cases, for decades.

It will be a season of God’s favor. A season during which you will be rewarded for your faithfulness.
But it will also take courage to play an even bigger game.  

Whether you've experienced success after success - or more than your share of setbacks. Now is the time to break free of all self-doubt and discover no-doubt because God himself is stamping upon your forehead:
“My Anointed & Appointed One.”
“Qualified by Suffering” and “My Anointed One.”
But those things are precisely what make you qualified for this hour!!! 
You’ve gained wisdom and practical insight which the world desperately needs right now.  

You have so much to offer the Body of Christ. The younger generation has zeal, but unless it's balanced with the wisdom you can bring, we'll see another generation crashing and burning. We can't let that happen!

God is fashioning new alliances - many of them global.

It’s time to finish the race you began on the day God first called you to follow him.   
Because it’s exactly where I am. 
And God used a prophetic word, released into the Body of Christ, 
to confirm to my heart that I am far from alone.

One Sunday in early January 2018, while sitting in church 
the Holy Spirit spoke powerfully to me and told me...

“It’s time to dare to do the works I’ve called you to do!" 

I’ve decided, with a combination of reverential fear and confident expectation, 
to dramatically alter my own life and ministry.
I’ll be sharing more about that in the days to come.  

Bottomline: I've decided to Quit Playing Small
But right now, I want to talk about you...
Are you ready to take your level of influence to a whole 'nother level? If so, I'd love to invite you to my exclusive mentoring program for women just like you.  

It'll be a time of teaching and prophetic insight to help you along the journey.

I love to pray for people and believe it is my #1 gifting.

I define prophetic prayer as “the ability to accurately hear and boldly proclaim God’s highest and best will for another person or group of people.”

Why does this matter to you?

Because if you’re anything like me, you don’t have time for misadventures!

Your time is limited and you need to be strategic.

So it’s absolutely essential for you to hear accurately from God.

You need to receive a sure word from God.  

The kind of word that is so clear, so compelling, that no devil in hell and no human on earth can shake your confidence that 
you’ve heard from God. 
Do you want to receive a word that is so clear, so compelling, that no devil in hell and no human on earth can shake your confidence that you’ve heard from God. 
That’s the kind of clarity we’re going to be seeking together.

We want to come to the end of our time on earth, stand before God and be able to declare with Jesus, “I have finished the work you gave me to do.”  

#Mission #Accomplished.

That will only be possible if we lock onto the mission with total clarity and pour all of our energy into it in a laser-focused way. At this time in our lives, what we say NO to will become every bit as important as what we say Yes to.

Let me help you discern the heart and will of God for you as your pursue your destiny.

This monthly gathering will be for Kingdom-minded Christians who know they have work yet to accomplish.  

There will be no playing small. No time-wasters.
God Has Called Me to Be a FireStarter
When I ministered alongside Heidi Baker a few years ago in Bogota, Colombia, she gave me a personal word. 

She said God had anointed me to be a FireStarter.

I’d like to start a fire in your life and help you keep that flame burning bright, month after month. 

If what I’m saying resonates with you, then let’s lock arms and move forward together.

My mission is to raise up a mighty army, so I have lowered the cost of entry to allow the maximum number of sincere believers to get on board.
Join my Online Mentoring Program!
 If you love what you experience — and I am confident you will --  then continue the Mentoring Program for just $7 per month, billed automatically.  You can cancel at any time.  
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What’s Included in the Mentoring Program:
  • FRESH WORD.   Each month, I set aside time to hear the heartbeat of God to equip you with a practical and spiritual tool that will encourage you to run toward the promises of God! 
  • PROPHETIC PRAYER.  During the LIVE sessions, the Holy Spirit will highlight various attendees to experience a personal prophetic encounter.  And because He is so amazing, He will choose people facing issues that need to be addressed in the life of many.
  • MENTORING/Q&A.  You'll have opportunity to engage directly with me, to receive mentoring from my 38 years of ministry experience.  Plus ask me anything!  God will give divine revelation.
  • IMPARTATION.  As we gather, the Holy Spirit will release a corporate impartation of a gift or anointing.  
As You Connect With Me On The Webinar, Imagine:
  • God illuminating the answer to your current situation and next steps.
  • Wiping away happy tears as you feel the love and anointing of God.
  • Receiving wisdom to overcome that obstacle that keeps holding you back.
  • Hearing God’s heart for you.
  • Having the opportunity to ask questions to someone who has been in Christian ministry for almost 40 years. 
Here’s What People Are Saying About 
The Chapel Club Mentoring Program
Here’s What People Are Saying:
During this month’s chapel, I was surprised by so many confirmations regarding EXACTLY what my husband and I have been walking through and words God has given us! It’s no longer time to camp out! 

~ Lisa Kirkwood
All I can say is God read my mail and Donna gave an amazing teaching that spoke directly to me

~ Lori Shelton-Puckett
 Love today's chapel! It was so timely. The teaching on generational blessings and timing helped me. 

Donna’s prayer was so right on! I love this ministry! 

~ Laura White
Try The Chapel Club
Each monthly session features:
  • A practical and prophetic teaching
  • An opportunity to connect
  • An opportunity to receive personal, prophetic ministry
  • A downloadable mp3
Don’t delay.   

This is an introductory offer!   Since I am offering personal access to me once a month via a live webinar, I can guarantee that the price will increase very soon.  Other mentoring programs are priced at $37, $77 and even thousands of dollars.

But not for you!   You will lock in the low rate of $7 per month. Permanently. 

Limited Time Offer:  Join for 1-Year and Get 2 Months FREE
About Donna Partow
Donna Partow's best-selling books, including Becoming a Vessel God Can Use, have sold more than 1.1 million copies worldwide. 

She is a full-time itinerant missionary whose  international teaching ministry has taken her to six continents.

Her strong prophetic gifting enables her to accurately hear God's highest and best will for your life.

As the Founder of Women's Empowerment University, she empowers women with personal & professional development from a distinctly biblical perspective. 
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