God is Calling
God is Calling
Can you hear it? God is calling you to rise above the normal and mundane to a life that's about something larger than your fears and insecurities. He placed a dream, a vision, or a passion within you. Your heart burns to do more, to be more, to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of others. 

But there’s always something that holds you back.  You're unclear what the first step (or the next step) is, but you know you heard God’s voice. Did you hear the call through a prophetic word? Did you have a vision of your future self? Did God’s Word leap off the page, and something inside screamed – YES, SEND ME! 
Whether you are called to impact your community, your nation, or the WORLD, God wants you to step into that calling with CONFIDENCE.

Regardless of what area of life you are called to influence (Arts and Entertainment, Business, Education, Family, Government, Media, and/or Religion), God wants to empower you. He didn’t call you only to leave you to figure it out on your own. In fact, there is a supernatural power available for you to fulfill His greatest desires for your life with excellence and JOY!

Are you ready to learn how to step into that assignment with CONFIDENCE? 

If so, I want to help!
Get Ready to Launch!

God has assigned me to help you hear His voice and answer His call. For more than three decades, God has used me to change lives and launch women into their destinies. My greatest desire is to empower you to become the best version of yourself. Can you honestly say that you are living every day fully confident and taking action steps toward your calling? 
 Or could you use a boost in the direction of your dreams?

Then you NEED to take this exciting 21-day Adventure with God.
In This 21 Day Journey, 
You’ll Discover How To:
  • Know the difference between Self Confidence and God Confidence 
  • Wait for God to do what only he can do!
  • Hear from God more clearly than ever before
  • Stay confident and quickly bounce back from set backs
  • Live like a Princess with Attitude (God’s kind of princess!)
  • Break free from the Comparison Trap and the need for other people’s approval
  • Refuse to let difficult people bring out the worst in you
  • Be energized by your faith (forget dry routines)
  • Take the leap of faith into your destiny
Most important of all:

Step Into God’s Call Upon YOUR Life — and do so with Absolute Confidence. 
Here’s What You’ll  Receive:
Here’s What You’ll  Receive:

Updated ebook version of Donna Partow’s  international best-seller, Walking in Total God Confidence.  The original 10-week guide has been edited and reformatted into a compact 21-day journey for today's busy woman.

Each day contains:

-  Scripture passage

-  In-depth bible teaching, inspiration and practical application.

-  Digger Deeper Section (questions to ponder)

- Confidence Boosters (key promises from God's Word to carry
   you through the day!!


3 Teaching Videos packed with Biblical insight and practical direction.  

Lifetime access to all Course Materials

What Women are Saying
What Women are Saying
Even though I am following hard after Christ in my spiritual  journey, I still need mature mentors and coaches to help break through barriers, clarify direction and speak wisdom and life into my heart. I have truly benefited from the wisdom, challenge and  practical tools that are shared in Women’s  Empowerment University. 
Sandy Stevens
It is not coincidence that God has drawn me to Women’s Empowerment University. Even as a strong Christian woman, life can become overwhelming, pushing and pulling in many directions. This is not the first time God has led me to Donna when I have needed a straight-forward spiritual shaking. Her gift of saying it like it is is backed by her God desire and passion to see individuals find their ultimate selves, both physically and spiritually! Just what I needed.
~ Hayley O’Neill
I have been able to accomplish more in these 21 days than I have
done in the past 10 years. I wake up in the morning excited and
can’t wait to see what the day is going to bring. The journey has
just begun and WEU makes it easy to stay on course and focused
on doing what pleases God and living the life he intended us to
~ Norma Levy
If You're Ready to Step UP into Your Calling 
You're Ready for God Confidence 
Come Join the Adventure.
What if God is Waiting for YOU?

What if all the years you thought you were waiting on God, He was actually waiting on you? 

Here’s the truth: Leaving a legacy, making a difference in other people’s lives will NEVER be convenient. Every day that you tell yourself you’ll wait for another season of life is another day of simply surviving, not thriving. You’re living day to day, not leaving a legacy. 

When you leave this earth do you want people to remember you for what you always dreamed of doing or for what you actually accomplished? 

THIS is Your Moment

GOD is cheering you on! God wants you to fulfill your calling even more than you do! He wants to help you push through the fears, the naysayers, and the obstacles to complete the good works that He prepared in advance for you to do! 

The door of destiny is open!  Don’t wait another day to walk through it. 

It IS time for you to walk in absolute God Confidence – and you can, in every area of life, and I’ll show you how!
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