Are you REady to
Lose Weight & Keep it Off?
Have you ever lost weight only to gain it back again? 
There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you step on the scale and see your hard-fought victories turning back to defeat. 

You’re tempted to either starve, binge or just break down and cry.
Here’s the Problem
It’s called Yo-Yo Dieting and if you’re anything like me, you’ve taken far too many trips around that particular mountain. 

You made the fatal mistake of trying yet another diet. Sure you lost some weight in the beginning.  But next thing you know, you are watching the scale creeping back up.  
Now Here’s the Good News
Now Here’s the Good News
The Secret of Success is Clear
All you need to succeed is a proven roadmap plus a strategy that keeps you on that path through loving support and accountable relationships.
How would you like to rest securely knowing you have:
  • A place you belong
  • A family of online sisters who love you
  • A support system including powerful prayer warriors
  • A proven strategy for maximum health in spirit, soul & body
How would you like to gain confidence to:
  • Step out of the shadows
  • Step off the sidelines
  • Step up in a bigger way 
  • Step toward the epicenter of God’s will for your life
  • Step into the Starring Role in the movie called Your Amazing Life
How would you like to have fun:
  • Being part of our new Accountability Teams
  • Competing for individual and team prizes
  • Joining your sisters on great in-person adventures 
  • Getting up off the couch and back into life
How would you like to just flat out 
Look Better, Feel Better & Enjoy Your Life More?
Look Better, Feel Better & Enjoy Your Life More?
Let Me Guess What You’re Thinking
By any chance, are you thinking, “Sure, Donna. That’s what they all say! Every diet I’ve ever wasted money on promised to solve all my problems through some magic lotion, potion or pill. Isn’t the Renewal Lifestyle Club exactly the same? 

Actually, the Renewal Lifestyle Club is exactly the opposite of a quick-fix diet. (We all know how well that turns out!)  
I’m not promising you a quick fix; I’m inviting you into a family. I’m inviting you into a deeper relationship with God, your sisters and yours truly. I’m talking about a relationship where we lock arms and dedicate ourselves to walking this out together. 

Through the highs and the lows. 

The is the UnDiet. This is goodbye forever to yo-yo dieting and the quick-fix mindset.  
I Hate To Tell You This, but Your Life is
 Going to Get Worse
I Hate To Tell You This, but Your Life is
 Going to Get Worse
Your life is not going to stay the same. It’s either going to get worse…or it’s going to get better. Your weight issues, your health problems — every area of your world is constantly getting either better or worse.

It’s the nature of life on earth. We are, every moment, either moving forward or losing ground. There’s no such thing as standing still. Okay, it happened once with the moon (Joshua 10:12-13), but that was a big-time miracle. You are NOT going to maintain and we both know it. Human beings can only tread water for so long! Grab the lifeline!

The question before you is pretty simple:  

Do you want to move steadily forward with God…or fall behind on your hopes and plans? The simple truth is this: Next year at this time, you’ll either be far closer to becoming the woman you want to be…or all your dreams will have slipped further away from you. 

I think you know which one God wants for you. I can tell you, for sure, which one I want for you. So the only question remaining is: Which one do you want for yourself?
Say Yes to The Very Best You
What would you feel if you had: 
  • Greater Confidence
  • Confirmation of Your Calling
  • A Place to Bloom & Grow
  • Godly Friendships
  • Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire
  • Daily Inspiration
  • Up-to-the-minute Health Tips
  • New ministry opportunities opening up
  • Your Whole Life Revolutionized
Can’t You Just See Her Now?
I’m talking about the woman you want to be! Close your eyes for a minute. Picture the ultimate you living the life of your dreams! What does it look like when you’re walking with your head held high? What does it feel like when you’re living life without limits!
Why not say YES to that version of you!!! The very best you!!!
The Renewal Lifestyle Club
The Renewal Lifestyle Club
Meal plans!  Chapel Service!
Advanced Training Webinars
7-Day Menus. Chapel Service!
Advanced Training Webinars
We have an Advanced Training Webinar each month, exclusively for RLC members, diving deep into health (whether spirit, soul or body).   This is also when we announce NEW CONTESTS and prize packages for the month...and take time to honor those ladies who really stepped up in the prior month.

We're here to cheer each other on!

We also have a monthly Chapel Service, filled with the presence of God.  

A fresh word is always released and we allow plenty of time for prophetic prayer. 

We also have a variety of 7-Day Menus available.
daily team accountability
daily team accountability
You will be assigned to a wonderful team of 8-10 ladies for closer fellowship and accountability.  Most teams are in DAILY contact with each other by text or messenger.   And many connect by phone once a week to fellowship and pray for one another.  

These groups are supervised and given all the guidance they need to be effective.   If there are any issues on your team, if you aren't getting the support you need, ask for help or simply fill out a form to be re-assigned to a team that empowers you.

GIFTS are my love language!  When you become a member of the Club, you can expect to be showered with BONUSES: gifts, prizes, special events, discounts.  You name it.  

We have an "above and beyond" God.  And at The Renewal Lifestyle Club, we've made "above an beyond" our guiding philosophy.

We have monthly contests, group prizes and team prizes!!!

Cash, gift cards, gift baskets, fashion consultations, spa treatments.
You name it. We're giving it away.  Only to Club members. 

It's so much fun.  

We have ladies who are EARNING money in the Club, because they are winning so many prizes.
I’d like to invite you to become part of my inner circle - the Renewal Lifestyle Club.  
Here’s What You Get
Here’s What You Get
  • Small Accountability Group. You'll be assigned to a team of approximately 8-10 women that you can have daily contact with using Facebook Messenger, text, etc. Your team can also have routine phone check-in and time for prayer using our conference line or other technology. You will NOT be alone! (Value: 52 x $27 = $1,404). 
  • Monthly RLC-only Webinar with Advanced Training and prophetic ministry. (Value: 12 x $37 = $444)
  • Monthly Chapel Service. Time of teaching and prophetic ministry. (Value: 12 x $37 = $444)
  • Private Facebook Group for Club Members! (priceless)
  • Nutritionist-Created Menus & Meal Plan (Value: $324)
  • A chance to win thousands of dollars in cash & prizes. 
  • Club-only Contests with great prizes! ($3,000+)
  • Special Perks & Privileges - including lifetime price-lock of just $37 per month. 
Total Value: $3,804
Total Value: $3,804/year

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