Take Your Message To The World
 Attn: Christian Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants & Experts
You Can Make an Impact & an Income
on the Internet.
My 1-Year Training Program
Shows You Exactly How!
Take Your Message To The World
 Attn: Christian Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants & Experts
You Can Make an Impact & an Income on the Internet.
My 1-Year Training Program Shows You Exactly How!
You have a message the world needs to hear.

Whether it’s the story of adversity you’ve overcome or strategies you’ve developed or even unique insight you’ve gained — you have something to say.

And you’ve earned the right to say it.
But Here’s The Problem
How do you get people to listen?

How can you be heard above the noise? 

I know how frustrating it is to watch people searching for answers in all the wrong places — and deep inside, you know you have what they need locked inside you! Sometimes you feel like your message is “the world’s best kept secret.” 

There’s nothing worse than feeling like a voice crying in the wilderness where no one can hear what God has placed in your heart to share.
So What's The Answer?
How do you get your message to the people who need it? 

Do you have to sit idly by, waiting for a publishing company, an agent, a speaker’s bureau or someone “important” to discover you? 

Do you have to wait for permission to give your gift to the world — that special something only you can give?
I’ve got great news! 
There’s no need to struggle in silence anymore.

 Your days of sitting on the sidelines are over. Now is your moment to step up…and I can help. 
You might be wondering: “Who are you to help me?” 
I totally get it! Frankly, I'd be wondering the same thing if I were you.

There are so many so-called gurus out there clamoring for your attention
(not to mention thousands of your hard-earned dollars!)

So I don’t blame you if right now, you’re a little skeptical and wanting to know who I am and why I want to help you. 
Let me answer the second question first. 

Twenty years ago, God opened a door for me to be part of the team that created one of the first content-oriented sites on the entire internet.

(It’s called ivillage.com and is still extremely influential although I’m no longer involved) 

He showed me that the internet would become a dark and dangerous place, but he wanted me to challenge and equip his people to be a light in the darkness.
That is exactly what I've done for two decades.
God enabled me to be one of the first people to:
  • Launch a Christian podcast
  • Create online training programs from a distinctly biblical perspective
  • Teach Christian books online using teleseminars (and now, webinars)
  • Build a Facebook Page following.
  •  Use Facebook Groups to gather Christians for study, support and prayer.
  • Use Youtube,  Periscope & Facebook Live to speak directly to people.
Over the years, I’ve enrolled more than 20,000 people into my online training programs.

And I’ve leveraged the power of the internet to build a loyal “tribe” of people who are committed to one another and to the message God has entrusted me to bring to the world.

I’ve sold more than a million books and travelled in ministry to six continents.

Thanks to my online programs, I currently travel worldwide as a full-time missionary.
I’ve already done the hard part for you. Ever feel like you’re on information overload? 

Like you don’t even know where to start? Who to listen to? Or how to prioritize?
Do you feel dazed and confused by all the internet bells and whistles?

Exhausted by the never-ending parade of bright shiny objects?

Trust me! I get it! 
That’s why, in Take Your Message to the World, I cut through all the noise and give you the best of the best tools and strategies.
  • You can stand on my shoulders.
  • Let my ceiling be your starting point!
  • I’ve done the research so you don’t have to.
  • I’ve invested 10s of thousands of dollars studying with all the internet marketing gurus, so you can save your money!
  • I’ve put together a step-by-step, week-by-week, full-year training program that combines cutting edge internet marketing strategies with powerful spiritual insight.
In all this talk about information and internet marketing, I’d be remiss not to mention the most important point. 

The most important person. God. 

 I can assure you, that’s God’s Word and his priority, The Great Commission, are the very heartbeat of Take Your Message to the World.
Don’t forget, in addition to 20 years of internet experience, I have 36 years of ministry experience! 

Both are equally important in enabling me to equip and empower you in this critical hour. This training is filled, not just with information, but with the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Best of all, you’ve be able to go further faster than I did, because I share with you my smartest moves — and how you can imitate them. Plus my biggest mistakes — and how you can easily avoid them. 
  • How to get your website up and running using little or no money … ready to go in a matter of hours.
  • Little-known strategies to  quickly drive traffic to your website.
  • How you can build a loyal tribe of people who actually open your emails. 
  •  7 keys to creating effective online content. The vast majority of people are doing it ALL wrong.   But I'll show you how to do it right.
  • How to know EXACTLY what services, products and programs your followers want you to create.  No guesswork.
  • How to build an online funnel to share your valuable resources, whether priced at $7 or  high end product(s) to be sold for $1000 or more!
  • Discover the exact combination of text, audio, video and live components that can be added, increasing the value of what you are offering.
  • Find out exactly how to launch your online programs with a teleseminar or webinar, including a done-for-you template and the exact words to say.
  • The 3 things people will gladly pay more than $1,000 for and the two tools being used by top internet gurus to command top prices.
Here's What You'll Receive:

Comprehensive 200-page course workbook with step-by-step instructions. You'll always know just what to do next.

Quick Start Success Plan taking you most quickly from where you are to online super star!

Clear instructions designed to help you know exactly what to do every day of the week. This insider information alone is worth MORE than the price of the class.

Training center containing 27 detailed step by step audios covering all 5 Levels of Online Communication, from social media to webinars, ebooks to live events

All training calls available as downloadable mp3s to add to your Success Library

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